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On this site we offer online courses and free resources for students of ultrasound physics.
The presenter, Dr Rob Gill, is renowned for his ability to make complex concepts easy to understand. His textbook "The Physics and Technology of Diagnostic Ultrasound: A Practitioner's Guide" is widely used in university and professional courses. It is now in its second edition

Online courses

We offer two introductory courses on the physics and technology of diagnostic ultrasound for practitioners who are new to ultrasound.
The ultrasound physics course is accredited by the Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM) for its Certificate in Clinician Performed Ultrasound (CCPU) and Certificate in Allied Health Performed Ultrasound (CAHPU). It is also recommended by ASUM for DDU candidates who lack a strong background in physics. Several universities and other providers of tertiary courses for the physics  have used the course as a component of their sonography and medical imaging programs.
We also offer a mathematics bridging course for those who lack a strong background in mathematics and science.

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Free learning resources

Whiteboard presentations

Video demonstrations with voice-over narration presenting the solutions to all the calculation-based exercises in the book "The Physics and Technology of Diagnostic Ultrasound: A Practitioner's Guide".

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What users have said

“ . . . thank you for having such an ability to bring these concepts into language understood by poor mortals. I am truly impressed . . . "

Founder, Australian Institute of Ultrasound, Gold Coast, Queensland

"An excellent course, probably the most relevant training I've undertaken in years! Great real world examples reinforced all of the concepts." 


"… the physics was amazing and very in depth!"


"… thanks for all the time and energy you invested to deliver such a fantastic physics course and textbook. … helping us all understand not only the theory of ultrasound physics but how to apply it practically as future sonographers." 


"I have started this course today, and am finding it to be fantastic"


"I think the course is excellent! The graphics illustrate the physics nicely and I found it (to my surprise admittedly) really exciting! That's why I finished it quite quickly! Thanks for the great resource!"


"Thank you for the lectures and videos. The study is fun, I found the quizzes are helpful to understand each individual chapter."


"The course was a wonderful resource to prep for my physics exam."