1. An advantage of spatial compound scanning is that it:

2. The period of an ultrasound wave is:

3. Doppler frequency aliasing can be reduced or eliminated by:

4. When the Doppler angle is reduced the Doppler shift:

5. The lateral resolution in an ultrasound image is determined by the:

6. Doppler shifted echoes from moving tissues are reduced by:

7. The purpose of the backing layer in a probe is to:

8. An ultrasound phantom usually contains tissue mimicking material that matches the following properties of average tissue:

9. The finite width of the ultrasound beam causes:

10. In Doppler ultrasound intrinsic spectral broadening is worse when:

11. The purpose of the persistence function in an ultrasound machine is to:

12. Speckle is the grainy appearance in an ultrasound image caused by:

13. In ultrasound imaging lateral resolution:

14. The ratio (S - D)/S (where S and D are the peak systolic and minimum diastolic blood velocities or Doppler shifts respectively) is called the:

15. If the ultrasound propagation speed in the tissues under examination is higher than the value assumed by the machine (1540 m/s) objects will be displayed in the image as being ________________ their true location.

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