1. In a stenosed segment of a blood vessel the blood flow will display:

2. Doppler frequency aliasing occurs when:

3. Which of the following lists the intensity values correctly in descending order:

4. Temporal resolution can be improved by:

5. If a given probe has a depth of penetration of 20 cm when it operates at 4.0 MHz what would you expect the depth of penetration would be if its frequency was increased to 8.0 MHz?

6. Range ambiguity occurs when:

7. To increase the depth of penetration you would first try:

8. The frequency of Doppler shifted echoes acquired from moving blood is related to:

9. A transducer that has been cut into elements both across its width and along its length is called a:

10. Reverberation can cause:

11. Mirror image artifacts are caused by:

12. The term rarefaction refers to:

13. If the ultrasound frequency is increased you would expect the PRF used by the ultrasound machine to:

14. Compared with patient exposure levels in greyscale imaging, exposure levels in pulsed Doppler are:

15. The ultrasound transducer is made of one or more materials which are:

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