1. The inferior vena cava (IVC) is scanned using a transverse plane through the abdomen. It appears (incorrectly) to be doubled. The likely cause of this artifact is:

2. A typical pulse duration in ultrasound is:

3. The maximum increase and decrease of pressure in the patient's tissues caused by ultrasound is referred to as the:

4. The spatial resolution of 3-dimensional ultrasound images is often considerably poorer than the resolution of standard 2-dimensional images. The reason for this is:

5. The term duty factor refers to:

6. If the depth of focus is decreased the time delays used to focus the ultrasound beam will:

7. Compared with an image acquired with a dynamic range of 60 dB an image acquired with a dynamic range of 30 dB will generally be:

8. Attenuation can be caused by:

9. Power mode colour Doppler can be useful because:

10. Contrast resolution can often be improved by:

11. Spectral pulsed Doppler processing in the ultrasound machine includes:

12. In clinical practice Doppler angles of more than 60 degrees are avoided because:

13. If a low resistance circulation is compared with a high resistance circulation in the same patient:

14. The most commonly used type of probe for cardiac imaging is:

15. Echo enhancement in images indicates the presence of tissues which have:

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