1. The ultrasound machine compensates for the effects of tissue attenuation by using:

2. The TIb value sometimes displayed on the screen of an ultrasound machine refers to:

3. Doppler shifts below the baseline of the spectral display conventionally represent blood moving:

4. Shadowing in ultrasound images can be caused by the presence of:

5. The ultrasound machine ensures that the transmitted pulse is short because this:

6. Pulsed Doppler transmits relatively short pulses of ultrasound:

7. The width of the ultrasound beam at focus will decrease if:

8. The most commonly used type of probe for abdominal and obstetric imaging is:

9. In colour Doppler frequency aliasing occurs:

10. The progressive reduction in the energy of ultrasound as it passes through tissue is referred to as:

11. The term contrast resolution refers to:

12. Compared with spectral pulsed Doppler colour Doppler is:

13. The average propagation speed of ultrasound in soft tissue is:

14. The slice thickness (or elevation plane) of the ultrasound beam can cause:

15. Harmonic imaging is often used in conjunction with ultrasound contrast agents because it:

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