1. Which of the available zoom functions is preferred?

2. Continuous wave (cw) Doppler is useful because:

3. In ultrasound imaging axial resolution:

4. With regard to the safety aspects of diagnostic ultrasound which of the following statements is true? Diagnostic ultrasound:

5. The maximum Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) that the machine can use when imaging is limited by the:

6. In Doppler ultrasound the spectral mirror artifact occurs when:

7. The axial resolution in an ultrasound image is determined by the:

8. When a strongly reflective tissue structure is present sidelobes can cause:

9. When the ultrasound frequency is increased the Doppler shift:

10. The purpose of the matching layer in front of the transducer is to:

11. In laminar flow the velocity profile in a vessel (i.e. the distribution of blood velocities across the lumen of the vessel) is:

12. Refraction can cause total reflection of the ultrasound at an interface between two tissues when:

13. The colour that is displayed at each point in a conventional colour Doppler image is determined by the ultrasound machine's estimate of the:

14. An ultrasound pulse is attenuated by 40 dB. Its intensity is reduced by a factor of:

15. The wavelength of an ultrasound wave is:

16. Imaging with tissue harmonics:

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